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Bring your internal documentation to life with the Sentient chatbot.

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Sync all your documentation

Sentient reads and learns your documentation, wherever it is.

Powerful admin controls ensure that Sentient only has access to the documents you want it to see.


Slack-Native Chatbot

Add the Sentient chatbot to your Slack app. Ask questions via direct message, or bring Sentient into channels to accelerate group conversations.

Valuable for any team

Sales & CX Teams

Confidently liaise with customers by weaving in up-to-date info on product documentation, roadmaps, active bugs, marketing positioning, and more.

Product Team

Sentient groks your product documentation better than the whole company combined, enabling you and your colleagues to quickly answer questions.

People Team

Cut down on 80% of your colleagues' questions on well-documented HR, travel, expense, benefits, and other policies.


Get answers faster with Sentient - stop digging through documentation for hours each week.


Use Sentient to help write detailed responses to customers' and colleagues' questions.


Sentient can point you towards which colleague is most knowledgeable about your area of interest.